one mans trash is another
mans treasure...
all items are either brand new
or 2nd hand owned by me...
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Jan 23

Creative Recreation

size 10us (fits like a 9.5-10)

price Php 1500

used once

notes: The insides of the shoes got stained from the one time I wore them. They got stained from my raw denims. Otherwise they are very clean on the outside and u cant see the stains at all. The shoe shape is slim so its not for wide feet:)

Kareem x adidas

size 10.5us (can fit upto an 11)

price Php2000

used a number of times

notes: Ive used this shoe quite a few times but what i love about them is the material always keeps it looking clean. it takes alot to make it dirty and one wipe with a damp cloth and the shoe is all clean again!

Miharayasuhiro x Puma

Size 10 us (but fits bigger like a 10.5 - 11)

price: Php 3000

Used once

notes: thought twice about selling these even if ive hardly worn em coz i love the look of em. designed by avante garde designer who has been collaborating with puma for a number of years now. a sure collectible for any sneak freak out there.